Wednesday, November 15, 2017


This is about how my yard looked yesterday as the colder air and the winds that blew through made the trees lose most of the brilliant, vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows that had dressed them for a bit of time. Fall is such an amazing time of the year with all of the colors, but when those leaves fall you are sure left with a mess.  

Over the weekend, my husband and I spoke of getting some of them cleaned up but the time never came to do that. Yesterday after work, I decided that while I had the grand doll and the weather was not too cold or rainy, that I would attempt to clean up some of the mess that is on the front yard anyway. I began raking while grand doll began jumping in the piles that I had made. I finally made her a pile and myself a pile to burn. She played in her pile for a bit before wanting to move on to helping me rake, which was not working. Living in the country is so nice at this time of the year because I know many people that don't have the option to burn the leaves. It also is nice because she was able to move between my yard and her yard without any concern. 

She has a sand box in her front yard that she loves to play in and so she truly wanted to be in it and I didn't want to take that away from her so I let her wander and play while I worked. I was able to see her most of the time, but when she was in the sand box, I could not without walking a few feet and peeking around a fence. I love that she lives so close and that I am able to let her freely wander the yards and play with the variety of toys that she has. The sand box is slowing becoming empty as she likes to move it to her dump truck, tractor bucket, etc. and then dump it in the yard. 

Another item on my list of to do's was to begin looking at and deciding which of the larger Christmas decorations we would pull out of the garage and place in the yard. I began that as well. She found a toy soldier that lights up that she wanted for " baby room" so of course, that is where he is. We also pulled out a wooden sled that has a snowman on the front of it and says "Let It Snow" on it and we placed it near the front steps.  I hope that she grows to love snowmen as much as I do so that I can give her some of mine as she grows older. 

If the weather is still decent at your place, get out and enjoy fall while it is still upon us. I know I will again today if the rain that is predicted will hold off. 

This was a year ago, but how special to spend a fall day with such a blessing from God. 

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