Holiday Season

Well, another holiday season is over and we are looking to the new year here on the farm. It snowed again Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here but with little accumulation. It made for a beautiful scene outside, but it also made it a little slippery. However, we missed the large amount of snow that is now hitting the east coast hard and is being dubbed the Blizzard of 2010. To all of you being hit hard with the winter weather our prayers go out to you - travel safely!
The weather brought a white Christmas to many places in the United States that have not had one in many years. Atlanta, Georgia had snow on Christmas Day for the first time since 1882. How amazing! God's mighty powers can change many things!! I am sure that many children seen snow for the first time on Christmas and how exciting that must have been. I do not like snow,but I was thrilled to see the light snowflakes that fell Christmas Eve.
The new year will hopefully be better for the economy and for all of us. My wish is for world peace to hit an all time high. There are so many countries throughout the world that need peace more than ever and we could all live together in harmony and life could be better all over if we would all learn to get along better. Life is about compromise and learning together in my opionion and I believe that the world leaders need to be taught by children as to how to play nicely!
The new year will bring changes to the blog as well. I plan to add photos and recipes for the site and hopefully, bring more traffic to the many wonderful bloggers that share this site. Look for new changes soon!!


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