Earthquake in Indiana

Well, it is supposed to be winter time in Indiana, but with the weather we are seeing moving into the state I am really not sure. We had rain last night and it melted a lot of the snow. Now we are hearing reports that it is going to be in the mid 50's tomorrow and we had an earthquake this morning.

Yes, an earthquake in Indiana. It was a 4.2 magnitude and was in north central Indiana but has been felt in Ohio and Kentucky. I live in central Indiana , but I did not feel anything. They aren't sure where the epicenter was but are saying about 5 miles southeast of Greentown,Indiana. That is north of Indianapolis. There are no damages that have been reported and no injuries. Two years ago, Indiana had a 5.0 magnitude earthquake in April and that one did little damage.

Well, it might be an interesting day in Indiana.
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