Monday, September 15, 2014

Feeling Ill

Today the farm has been rather quiet as I have not felt well. My husband had many places to be today and my daughter worked. My nephew went with my husband and so it has just been me here most of the day. My mom even ventured out today. Of course, my Jazzy (dog) was here with me but she slept most of the day. I have felt ill all day and decided that I would just rest for the majority of the day.
 I have done a little work online but for the most part of the day, it has been a quiet lazy day. I found a couple of new recipes and I was going to look on Pinterest for Halloween decorating ideas but just did not feel up to it. I need to get busy as my daughter wants to plan a party for her friends.
 I have meatloaf in the oven for dinner as my daughter enjoys making it and we are having garlic mashed potatoes and some kind of veggie with it. I usually make cheese biscuits but I just don't feel up to it today.
 Hope the rest of you have had a fun and exciting day!

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