Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gnats on the Farm

The farm is abuzz with activity today as we have several chores that need to be finished or at least worked on. We have finally almost finished the bathroom and we are currently in dire need or cleaning that mess up and finalizing the cabinet purchase so that I can put everything back in its place.  Grass needs mowed and weeds need trimmed and I have all the indoor stuff to tend to as well.
 As I have been listing stuff on Amazon and Craigslist for some other friends, I have found that I also am trying to update several of my sites as well. I also have noticed that I have been fighting gnats in the house today.
 I am not sure where these aggravating insects are coming from, but they really need to be eliminated from my house. I am not a fan of bugs to begin with, but these are even more annoying than some. They are small enough to be a real hindrance. They fly around my nose and eyes as I am attempting to work online. They also seem to be near any food that is out in the open. I don't like bugs on my food!
 I have heard that if you set a cup with apple cider vinegar out and cover with plastic wrap and poke a few holes in the plastic with a toothpick that they will go to it. I have one on my kitchen counter, but I think I will go for another one being out as the one must not be working hard enough.
 Anyone else have any ideas for getting rid of gnats?

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