Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Busy Morning Pink Zebra Sjprinkles Style

Good Morning to all of my friends and family in the wide world that the web reaches. I am happy to say that I am feeling a little stronger today and the cold is slowly leaving. However, my husband and the grandbaby both are stuffy. It seems that it may be running it's course through the house. Time to clean and sanitize everything near and dear to us. Door handles especially are a huge concern and I will do them today.

I will also be working on my Pink Zebra business as usual. I try to spend two hours a day at least working on it. My daughters and I have a home show tomorrow evening and I need to prepare for it. I need to go to the post office as well as I have a couple of packets that I want to drop in the mail this afternoon. I also have to check on a party on the go to close hopefully tomorrow. I am feverishly working to sell at least a thousand dollars by the end of the day tomorrow to reach a quick start goal and earn some free products.

I am also working on a Black Friday sale so I will certainly be working on the plans for that as well. It is going to be a busy day but I think I will be up to it. The only issue I see is that I tire out easily and so that is going to be an issue.

Well, things on the farm are certainly looking like fall and I am hoping to be able to get some pictures today around here so I can share the beautiful colors of fall that we are able to see from our windows. It is time to close for now and get busy with the daily chores of a farm wife!

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