Spring snow

Well, a few days ago the calendar said that it was the first day of spring, but I believe someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. A rare heavy wet snow has blanketed the middle of our state. As I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning doing my daily devotions, I was reminded that "to every thing there is a season". It seems that only God knows when spring weather will arrive.

The birds were out in force this morning at the bird feeder and I was wondering as I watched them if they were wondering if they should have stayed in the south a little longer. We have about 5 inches of snow on the ground and it is still snowing a little, which is more like a wet rain/sleet mix.

We can be amazed at the works of the Lord or we can complain about the weather when things like this happen. I have decided that I will rejoice in the beauty that the snowfall has made as it hangs on the trees and I will not complain about the cold and the danger that the snow brings. I am sure that the roads are slick and hazardous here, but I don't have to be out until later and so I will not worry as my life is in His hands and He will provide safe travel if it is His will.

To all my friends who are having nice weather enjoy, but be prepared that God could change it if He feels the need.


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