Welcome February!

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Welcome to February! 

February brings thoughts of love, hearts, and Valentine's Day for many of us. February is the shortest month of the year and I believe that God made it that way because it can be some of the gloomiest days here. It seems that we get most of our cold and snow in February and I am not sure that we could survive a full month. I also believe that it is the springboard into spring. 

I know here on the farm we are looking forward to the long daylight hours that February brings as well as knowing that March will bring some warmer weather and brighter days. Some of our cloudy, gloomy days will soon give way to sunshine and brighter days. We are also looking forward to spring and all the new that comes with it. New signs of nature waking up and planning for that awakening. 

I am beginning to plan for some new flower beds this spring as well as looking to do some repairs that are truly needed around here. My husband and I are planning another remodel in our home soon and I pray that it goes smoothly and looks as good as we are thinking it will. As far as the farm goes, I don't know that we will be bringing any new animals in this year as it has been a rough winter for us health wise and we are thinking of making some changes in what we truly want to do with the hobby farm. 

Of course, I am also anxiously awaiting the days I can get back to the barn and feel and smell my beautiful Sugar, a wonderful horse. I am looking forward to the day that my grand doll can ride again as well. Sugar is such a great horse and so patient with the little ones. 

Such memories were made this day! Granddoll and her cousin riding!

We also will celebrate our daughter's 30th birthday this month. How is it possible that the beautiful little girl that was such pleasure to raise can be turning thirty? She was two years old when I met my husband and they became friends before he and I became a couple. Amazing how God worked that out, isn't it? 

Happy February to all my blogger friends!!


  1. You sound so happy and positive and reading this made me smile.

    1. Thanks! I am feeling a little better about things these days and I truly believe it is because I am taking time for me and spending time in God's word.

  2. I do hope your remodel turns out well, you have to tell us more about it!

    1. Oh me too and I will if it truly gets started.

  3. It's good to have things to look forward to!!

  4. Once we get into February I begin to see the home stretch ahead. We're not there -- but getting closer! Thanks for this lovely post, Carol!

    1. Yes, February seems like the turning point. However, we are predicted to have horribly cold temperatures this next week.


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