Monday, February 15, 2021

Snow Storm #1

Our corner of the world is currently under a winter storm warning and I must say with the way it is snowing, I would not be surprised if we don't get record snowfall today and tonight. We are predicted to get an inch an hour and I would say that it is fairly accurate with the snow we have now. I know many states are struggling with the same weather and I pray that you all stay safe. Please be aware of road conditions and stay in unless you have to go out. 
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Our county has gone to a red travel status due to the snow and blowing conditions. Red means that only emergency personnel should be on the roads. Being that we sit on an East- West road and the wind is predicted to drift many of those closed and we are in a rural area, I am more than prepared for a long stay inside. My kids are safe and I pray that there are no emergencies within the next couple of days.  I will attempt to post photos tomorrow once the snow stops. 

We are predicted to get another snow storm on Thursday and I pray that it somehow misses us, but I don't think that it will. We are not to be above freezing until sometime Saturday or Sunday so we will certainly be inside for the next few days. I feel for the animals that can't be brought inside, but I am thankful that they have warm houses and they are feed daily and checked on daily. 

Many businesses are closed and have sent employees home in order to keep them safe and I know families are thankful for that. My soon to be son in law is a truck driver, but he is home each night and he made it home safe and he doesn't plan to go to work tomorrow. I am thankful that he is smart enough to know that roads won't be in good shape. 

This shall pass and it will just be a memory and I just pray that others are smart enough to stay safe. Sending love and prayers to each of you! God Bless until our trails meet again!


  1. Exactly the same here. I am hoping to get to the grocery store before the next storm on Thursday. Stay safe and warm!

    1. Now we are being told that the storm on Thursday may miss us.

  2. It's been snowing here but I don't think we got nearly as much as they had been calling for

    1. We sure did. We have at least 9 inches on the ground


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