An interesting year

2013 has been a year that has brought happiness, tears, smiles and fears to my family and many others across the United States. It has been a year that we have seen many good things happen on our little piece of the world, but we have also seen many things that have brought sadness and tears to the hearts of many. The year has not brought world peace and happiness to others, but I am hoping that 2014 will be a year where we will see more peace and prosperity than we have in many years.

 While we seen things like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook elementary shootings that left many of us with wondering thoughts of what possesses people to do the things that the rest of us see as just unimaginable. Those injured and the families of those who suffered at the Boston Marathon were true victims of a monster and yet. as horrible as we all felt that was, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school was so much worse in my eyes. Innocent children taken by a lone gunman who had no reason to be mad or want revenge on them. They were all so innocent and yet, teachers and adults at the school who tried to protect them, just could not. Why would someone attack innocent children? We will never understand that.

 Locally, I witnessed a family suffer a  loss of innocent babies who were killed in a fire and a few days later, their mother who tried to save them also lost her life as a result of the fire. One child and a husband /father were left behind to cope with the loss and yet, how does someone cope with the loss of a spouse and two innocent babies. Such sadness! Such tragedies! Yet, it seems to be a part of the news that I hear each day.

 Personally as I watch the news each day, I see another child lost. Miley Cyrus, has made the news so much lately with her twerking and performance on the music awards show along with other things she has done, but I see a child lost. She was the child star of a very popular show and yet, she is still doing so many things to get attention. This young lady is reaching out to find her own identity and she is seemingly doing it the wrong way.

 The completion of the Ground Zero memorial has been a great accomplishment as it shows the United States has recovered from such a tragic loss of human life and yet, it is also a sign that the world has not changed as we still see signs of terrorism each day. Just this morning, I heard of two attacks on Russia and I am sure that before the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night, there will be more some where in the world.

 People need to realize that the world changing to a more peaceful nation can begin by one person doing something nice for someone else. Maybe each of us should begin the year by agreeing to do one nice thing out of our way for someone else. Pass it forward should be our motto! 


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