Twas' the Day Before Christmas

Twas' the day before Christmas and all through the house, I am the only creature stirring except for the little dog. Actually, I am sitting here sending Christmas wishes to my friends and family while I am enjoy the lights from the tree and decorations before I go to work. Whether you work today, finish your shopping today, wrap gifts, or visit with family and friends today, try to slow down just a little and enjoy the Christmas spirit.

 The holiday season seems to be filled with rushing around and so many people missing loved ones and being caught up in the shopping that I believe it would be nice if stores would close Christmas eve just so there were less choices in where we could be. Unfortunately, I have to work today and although, my children are older I still feel that I should be home with my family. I am looking forward to coming home early, getting my prep for tomorrow done and enjoying an evening with my husband and my daughter. I am looking forward to seeing my son tomorrow and the rest of our family.

 This year, I have not been in the holiday spirit and my house and shopping shows it. It has been a rough year for many and ours has been tough at time. It seems as though the hustle and bustle as Christmas grew closer just put an even bigger disappointment in my heart, but as I set in my daughter's Christmas program at church Sunday night, I realized that I am just changing in the way I view Christmas. It is not about all the gifts and having a beautiful decorated home and following all of the yearly activities that I usually do this time of year, it is about being healthy and having my family near.

 My husband is always spending more money than I think he should for the holiday and always buying me more than I need or want him too, but he always makes sure that I have a nice Christmas and that I get a few things that I really asked for. I appreciate him more than I could ever tell him. I always buy him nice gifts as well, but he is hard to buy for and I could not afford either of the items that he truly wanted this year. I am disappointed in that, but it is what it is.

To each of you that are reading this during the holiday season, Merry Christmas to you and your family and remember Jesus is the reason for the season. For those of you reading this during the rest of the year, remember to treasure your family and loved ones as you never know when they will be gone. I thank each of you for the time you spend here and I hope many more of you will visit my site during the new year.


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