Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Countdown

As I was thinking about the past year, I was thinking of how many times we count our days away. We count down the days till Christmas, we count the shopping days before Christmas, we count the number of days we must work before a vacation, we count how many days till the weekend, and we count how many days till we marry, see our new child, etc. It seems that we can't be happy in the day that we are currently in.

Today is December 20,2015 and that is what I want to concentrate on. Today is nothing special to me other than a Sunday that I have been able to spend with my beautiful granddaughter. It is a day that the Lord made and she has certainly taken advantage of the day in catching up on some much needed rest. Rarely ever does she sleep most of the day away, but she has today. I have had the opportunity to do some reading, exercising and just enjoy the twinkling lights of the tree.

My husband and I still have some shopping to do, but I will say that I have enjoyed being home most of the day! I am not worried about the hustle and bustle of the season as I want to thoroughly enjoy it if I can. I have not been in much of a Christmas spirit this year, but as the day draws closer, I begin to see and feel the magic of the day we celebrate Christ's birth.

I intended to make cookies today since we were not busy, but the plan changed when I realized that I did not have any wax paper to place them on once they were removed from the oven. It is something that would normally have me upset, but I just let it slide as I really was not caring if they were done or not. I have two pies in the freezer that I can bake for a tasty dessert later tonight if I want.

Dinner will consist of a pot roast with carrots and potatoes and I will be enjoying some nice veggies as well. I have a package of Kings Hawaiian rolls to also enjoy with the roast. I love roast and my hubby usually does not like it, but he was the one that asked for it. I am sure he will enjoy it as much as I will tonight.

Farm life is easy today as my father in law insisted on feeding today and so my only real chore today was to fill the wood boxes with firewood and that was done in a matter of a few minutes! It is time to fill the porch with wood again as well, but that will be done tomorrow or a day that the weather is  a little nicer and warmer.

Today is winter solstice so that means that it is officially the shortest day of the year. Luckily, that means that we are on the upstroke of things. After this cloudy day moves on, then we will see the days gradually increase in length. That makes a farm girl very happy!!

Have a great day! Enjoy the reason for the season!

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