Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers out there! I am a few days late saying this as I have felt under the weather since the beginning of the year. I had a really bad day on New Year's Day and have gradually started feeling better, but not feeling up to myself.
Life on the farm seems to run slow if I am not up and running at top speed. However, I must say that the house has not fell apart and I have managed to keep meals cooked and I have managed to keep school in session the past two days. We have to attend school for 180 days in a year according to state law and we are currently at 80 days, so we are on track to finish at about the time that I had planned for the year. I am excited about that!
This year I am planning to make some changes in our lives. One is that I intend to make reading a top priority for all of us and I think that the television is going to be more limited as to when it is on. I also want to take more learning trips for school. Whether you want to speak of field trips or what you choose to call them, I feel that they can provide a lot more experience for kids to learn. I hope to share all of them with my wonderful readers here.
Currently, our biggest project here in school is to work on a history fair project that will be set up at the local historical museum to showcase our talents and skillls. Bridget has decided that she wants to do her project on Betsy Ross, so tomorrow we will make a trip to the library to begin our research. We might attempt to make a replica of the first flag for this as well, we will have to see what we plan.
She will also be doing a science fair project this year for the first time! Dad is going to be responsible for helping with that as science is not one of my best or most liked subjects. I want her to do well as it will be showcased at the museum as well and the public will be there to see the displays.


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