Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter has arrived!

Winter has officially arrived here! With a little bit of snow arriving today, we are also getting temperatures over 30 degrees colder than just a few days ago and we have winds that are gusting up to 35 mph and more snow on the way. We are actually under a winter weather advisory and it is cold and the roads are going to be slick as this freezes and more snow moves in.
I personally don't like the cold, but I know that we needed a good freeze. It is a nice break from the mud that we have endured for several weeks. I don't like having to feed the animals in this weather and I certainly do not like want to drive in this.
On the bright side, I learned today that our first 4-H meeting is Jan.31 and so preparations for the fair are right around the corner. I am personally really anxious for the fair to get here! I really had fun last year and although it was one of the hottest on record, it was still nice to be there and experience all of the fun that it led too. Matter of fact, Bridget and I actually bought some stuff to decorate the horse stall with the other day.
Tomorrow is Friday the 13th for those of you who are superstitious it might be a day to stay inside. I personally don't really worry about it and I am planning to continue my day the same as always. I hope to be able to get to the homeschool skate tomorrow afternoon, but it all depends on how the weather is.
My husband will return tomorrow from being out of state and I am actually really excited about him coming home! I usually accept the fact that he is working to make us money, but this time has really been different with him being gone.
I better close this. My daughter is asking for cookies so I guess I need to make something for us to snack on as we watch our movie and enjoy our wood stove and the heat that it brings. I am thinking that I would like to have some coconut coffee this evening!
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