Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Goals and Resolutions

New Years is always a chance to look back on the previous year and see what we could have done differently and a chance to make some new goals and resolutions for yourself. I personally never really make resolutions as I am always sure that they will be broken before the month of January is over. Goals are another thing because you can meet them at anytime and you can never completely break a goal.

Setting goals in our lives can put pressure on us at times, but can always cause us to work harder in our daily lives. I personally set several goals at the beginning of the year for myself and for my family. In my personal life, I tend to make goals for different aspects of my life. My first goal is always to have a closer walk with Jesus Christ. I believe that my Lord and Saviour deserves a close walk and that we can always work harder at having a closer relationship with Him.

Secondly, I choose to set goals for what things I want to change in my "career". I consider my online writing my career right now and so I have chosen to set some goals for that. By this time next year, I intend to have my first book written and I hope to have it published. I will allow myself to not have it published but it needs to be in the works. I also have made goals that I intend to meet both daily and monthly in my online writing.I am also planning to make some major steps in getting more daily views to the blog here.

I also have set goals that I want my daughter and I to reach in our home school. It is important for me to know that I am doing the best that I can for her and that includes training her in her knowledge and her quest for learning more. She struggles with spelling, reading and some math, but she is learning a lot and she is gaining momentum each day. I am looking forward to her increasingly learning more and more about word structures and meanings. I also am proud that she is seeming to catch onto spelling a little more. Division seems to come easier for her than multiplication did and although I don't understand that I know what I need to do to teach her.

I also have set goals for my own personal life. There are things that I intend to accomplish this year that I may not have done before but I will get done this year! I am very busy with the teaching and the farm work here, but I feel that we all have to take the opportunity to learn more each day and that I sometimes forget to take time to learn on my own. I won't let that happen this year as I will give myself a break and give myself the time to learn some of the things that I want to learn. I know that by reading the blogs that I follow just on this site will teach me alot.

One of my major goals for this year is to learn more about training horses and teaching our colt that will be two this summer. I want to attempt to break her myself and I will have to find a bond with her that she can trust me and I can trust her. I know a little but I have a lot of learning to do. I will attempt to use this blog to share my skills and my adventure with Vanilla. She is such a beautiful colt and I just adore her!

Here is wishing each of you who set goals and make resolutions, the best of luck in meeting those goals and reaching the milestones that you want in your resolutions.

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