Monday, January 9, 2012

Evening At Home

My husband is out of town working so my daughter and I are home alone, which really changes life some. We had a frozen pizza for dinner and watched a movie together and just spent a quiet evening at home. It was nice to sit and relax, although I do miss my husband.
Tomorrow a very different day is approaching. We will be busy with school, going shopping, grocery shopping, and getting all of our errands ran. Today was really nice out and we spent some time outside catching up on some extra chores that needed to be done around here. We stacked wood and cleaned the yard.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a very unique January day for the midwestern United States as we are to reach temperatures in the lower 50's. The end of the week doesn't look so good with colder temps and possible snow. I guess we have to accept it, but I really don't want too. I would not mind if it stayed warm the rest of the year.
I am not sure if anyone else seen the cosmic moon on Saturday evening, but if you didn't you missed a purely unique and amazing weather event. My oldest daughter called me to tell me that I needed to look at the moon as she knew I would want to see it. About 2 feet away from the moon was a white circle which completely encircled the moon. She said that the internet said that it was a cosmic moon which is caused by ice chrystals forming and not being able to fall to earth. It is the same sort of event that causes a rainbow when the sun is shining. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful and a reminder that God is still creating wonders for us!
I must ask for prayer for my best friends' brother in law tonight as he is suffering with pancreatic cancer and is not doing well at all. Please keep the family in your prayers! I know that God is there and can make this easier for him and the family.
Enjoy whatever tomorrow brings!

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