Thursday, June 13, 2019

What Is Wrong With Mother Nature

What is wrong with Mother Nature? What has upset her so much? Can we fix it? All of these questions have ran through my mind due to the many crazy weather reports we have gotten this year all across the country. It seems as though Mother Nature is upset with all of us and we can't seem to fix it.

Midwest farmers are struggling to get the crops in the fields. Corn production is not expected to be good at all due to all of the rain and flooding that they have suffered this year. Around us, it has been the rain more than the flooding that has caused planting season to not take place. Thankfully, the past week we have had some dry time that has allowed farmers to work many, many late nights to get the planting finished or partially done. Weather forecasts for the next week do not look promising though. Rain, rain, rain is predicted to be the biggest factor in our weather.

Also, cooler than normal temperatures is all that we seem to be seeing. It is only forecast to be in the 60's today. That is cool for this time of the year and we saw lows in the mid 40's near us just a night or two ago. The wind this morning is quite chilly as well. Thankfully, the air conditioning is not running and we have had open windows for many days as well. Nothing healthier than fresh air for the soul!

Pray for the farmers and all who work outside for a living as their livelihood is being affected by the weather.
Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth!


  1. Hi Carol, I am so glad I can visit your blog and leave comments. I know what you are saying about the crops. It looks worse for the central states. Our neighbor about has gone nuts worry to get his planting done. He picked up that worrying from his dad....he used to be like that. I am going to keep praying for everyone. I want to look thru you posts, I may comment at some. Thanks for being a great friend. Blessings xoxo, Susie

  2. Praying for all of the farmers! The weather has been weird all over the place. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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