Saturday, June 29, 2019

Challenging Week- Facing Reality

Reality has hit me hard this week as I have struggled with the loss of two friends this week.  Last week on Friday, I was able to make a drive to Lexington, KY to visit one of them in the hospital as he was losing his battle with cancer and got to share some stories as well as visit with his parents and sister. Watching him as he laid in that bed, knowing that the doctors were just keeping him comfortable was a horrible feeling. He was the same age as my brother and he grew up with us as he lived next door to my granny for many years so any time we visited, we spent time with him and his sister. We also visited with his parents and his grandma many times in my childhood.
Mikey was always a sweet guy who radiated laughter and fun wherever he was. I don't think he ever knew a stranger and he was loved by many. God took a good one! He will certainly be missed!!

The same day that I learned of his death, I learned of the death of another childhood friend, Gina. Her family lived next door to my grandparents in Indiana and we had shared many, many days together. She was one of my earliest friends and her family had been there during many of the dark times of my childhood. She was like a sister to me for many years, but time and life has a way of losing touch with those dear to your heart. We had reconnected recently and I learned that she had suffered strokes and had health issues that had required her to have 24 hour care and she had been sent to live in a long term care facility. However, she met that challenge the same as she lived life- head on, full speed ahead. 

This precious lady had been a cheerleader, member of the color guard, and many other activities in high school that many see as important during those teen years and now, she was unable to take care of herself. How sad! How it made me think of just how precious life is and how short it can be. 
Our recent time together we had gone to Dairy Queen and had ice cream and talked for two or three hours about our lives since we last seen one another. I am so thankful for the time I spent with her! I remember the last day I visited her, I was thinking that I should just do it another day as I was busy, but decided that I just needed to spend the day with her. I am so thankful that I was able to bring some happiness into her life and share those special moments with her.
Gina, you will truly be missed as I travel through the remainder of my life, but you will never be forgotten! 

Until we meet again, may your trail be smooth and your ride be blessed!


  1. I am so sorry. I guess I never thought about when I was younger but when you hit your senior years people you have known your whole life start passing over and each one leaves a little hole in your heart. I cannot believe the number of friends I have lost in these past years-and yet, here I am plugging along in pretty good health.

    Have a blessed night and I am so sorry! xo Diana

    1. Thanks so much! I know that I am getting closer to the age of losing friends, but Mikey was young and Gina was not a senior yet. It's all part of life, but it sure hurts.

  2. Bless you for being there for both of your friends. I guess losing loved ones is part of the age we are now. I know how hard it was for me when Reaoma died. I'm so sorry you had two losses so close together. You were a good friend.....

    1. Thank you for such kind words. It is all part of the life we live, but these two were tough.

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  4. I am so sorry for these losses of friends:( Prayers coming your way and to those families of their loved ones. HUGS!

  5. Loss is always hard.
    I'm so sorry for the holes in your heart now.
    Praying for comfort
    and I'm so glad you were able to spend quality time with both friends.


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