Senseless Deaths

I normally would be writing Friday FunBits, but it is with a heavy heart that I am writing this article today. Crime in our state is becoming continually worse as I am sure it is in most states. Our entire nation and the entire world seems to be on a downward spiral where respect for authority is obsolete and we, as citizens need to take back our towns, streets, cities, etc. Senseless crimes and killings HAVE TO STOP!!!

I write with a heavy heart because two police men died yesterday in Indiana and both were senseless, but one was absolutely devastating. One gentleman died following an accident in which he slowed for debris on the road and a semi rear ended him. An accident - yes, but senseless. I am sure the driver was following too close and running too fast. People, as we drive, we need to slow down! Life flies by and I understand that , but are we in such a hurry that we should cost another driver his or her life. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

The second officer to lose his life yesterday is the most devastating to me. Not that I knew him or his family, but just the senselessness of the situation. This officer was responding to a crash where people were in a car that had crashed through a fence and was upside down in a homeowner's yard. He was responding to aid injured people and as he approached the car, a 28 year old punk, fired multiple shots at him and killed him in cold blood. The officer that was approaching to help this young man had just a couple of hours before walked his 5 year old son into kindergarten on his first day of school and now a punk has taken that father, officer, husband, son and friend from those that loved and respected him. You can read the attached article here. Senseless!! Barbaric! Tragedy! I can't write enough words that describe just how senseless this death is.

I do not know the 28 year old that shot this officer and I don't know his reasons for doing this, but I will say again he is a punk! He is disrespectful of life and authority, he is sick to think that it is acceptable behavior and he should be held for murder and face capital punishment for this crime. What gives him a right to think that an officer that is responding to help him should be gunned down in cold blood? What gives him a right to think that killing anyone is okay unless his life is being threatened by that person? Was he on a joy ride with his buddies? Was he under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both? Was he going to jail for a warrant? Who cares! The man that you so willing took the life of deserved to work another day, spend another day with his child/children and wife. The man he gunned down is a hero and he is a punk!

Crimes are becoming senseless each day and people are being hurt and killed each day by someone who thinks that they have the right to decide if someone lives or dies or people are not thinking and truly are becoming animals. No respect for anyone of authority is going to be the downfall of our country. Respect, even if they are not a person we like, should be given to anyone in a position that deserves it. Officers, firefighters, parents, teachers, clergy, the President, professors, nurses, doctors, etc.

Join me in an effort today to encourage parents to teach their children respect. # respectlife


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