Thursday, July 27, 2017

Needing an Income

Hey friends! How is everyone today? I'm fine and hoping this finds each of you the same. I am thankful to say that even though I don't feel well, I have managed a few tasks today. I am truly not sure why I feel as I do, but I just can't pinpoint anything wrong, I just don't feel good. Maybe the heat yesterday or something, but just feel blah.

A long list of chores awaited me today and I am sorry to say that I only managed a few of them. Weeds have been sprayed with weed killer, my mother in law was taken to an appointment, my trip to the library was completed, and the horse has been out to the other pasture to eat. However, I have 4 dozen ears of corn that need to be blanched and frozen, dinner needs to be cooked, a trip to the store to purchase animal feed is in my evening, my quilting is calling my name, dishes from this mornings' snack are still in the sink ( which is very unusual for me) and my vacuuming still is on the list. I also need to figure out where  I am going to earn an income from.

Income for me would be minimal as I care for my grand doll and I help my husband and my inlaws as well, but I need some spending money that is mine and all mine. I have done EBay and other sites like that and done okay but never anything consistent. I find that I love crafts but time is an issue. I also love my Pink Zebra business, but rarely find the time to work it. I just need something online that will earn me a little money so I am asking for help. Does anyone know of anything that is out there that is legit and worth my time? If so, if you would please share I would appreciate it.

Also, a quick update to my story about my husband having two vehicles stolen from him last week. The truck was recovered and in perfect shape. A gentleman had purchased it from someone with the understanding that he had a title and when he did not give it to him within a few days, he called to have the vin number checked and found that it was stolen. We now have a name of who may have stolen it. Thank you, Jesus for answered prayers.

Have a great day! Y'all come back!

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