Summer is Slipping Away

I don't know about your house, but here on the farm it seems that summer is slipping away. Our local county fairs are the next two weeks and then school starts back in a couple of weeks after that. I truly don't understand why school has to start before Labor Day now, but it does. Farm chores are year round whether the sun is shining or the snow is flying but summer sure makes most of those easier.

We have had a busy summer. We done our usual 9 day vacation with the horses, kids, and our neighbors as well as a few extra friends. We have done a couple of campouts with our neighbors at the local state park as well. Sitting out in the evening after the sun has set and talking is sure a break from the hectic lifestyle that we all seem to have these days. More camping is planned and I am looking forward to those trips.

My husband and I purchased a new horse a couple of days ago. His official name is Blues Ramblin Man, but his barn name is Rambler. I am excited to say that my grand daughter can half way say that! I am thankful that we have known him most of his life and we have watched our friend and his daughter ride him for many years. It's nice to know that he is broke and is safe to place our granddaughter on. I am anxious to take him to the park and ride. I am hoping my husband will ride his horse as well. I know that he has some reservations about riding due to the problem he had with his back over the winter. He says he is still not 100% better and it is hard to remember that he is only 6 months post surgery.

Summer brings hay, grass mowing, lots of tractor work, etc. around here. This year it is also bringing work on the livestock trailer, reflooring the camper, and some changes to the living quarters of the horse trailer. It is bringing some changes to the garden as well as we have not had much grow at all this year for some reason. I don't think we will get one tomato off our plants and we planted several. Summer brings lots of weeds and bugs as well. I have been fighting fleas on the dog almost daily and now I have had a couple on me as well so it is time to really pay attention to my floors at home. Summer has blessed us with many flowers and many days outside to play with the grand as well though.

What truly made me realize that summer is slipping away was that yesterday I noticed two trees in our yard that the leaves have changed colors on. I know one tree must be dying, but the other one is healthy and fairly young and it is beginning to change as well. Fall is a beautiful season here as well, but I don't like what follows it.
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