Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Manning No Longer a Colt

Well, as many news reports have announced, Peyton Manning is leaving the Colts team. It was such a sad press conference to watch as the announcement was made and to watch him discuss his past in Indianapolis and how he is not sure as to where his future is. Although, he did announce that he is wanting to play next season and that he is confident that he will. The only excuse that they gave was that the team is undergoing a rebuilding process and that circumstances made it an impossible situation for Peyton to stay.

It was announced that Peyton's #18 jersey will never be worn on the field by another Colt player and I believe that was a wise move. Peyton also announced that he will always be a member of the team and that he is not leaving Indianapolis.

With Manning gone and several other key players being free agents this year, it seems to be that team owner, Jim Irsay has decided that he wants his team to go in a different direction next year and that fans are certainly going to pay the price.

The number one draft pick seems to be the deciding factor is much of what moves Irsay is making and let's hope that Andrew Luck can deliver what Irsay is hoping that he will. However, this gal doesn't see him being the star that they are projecting and hoping that he will be. I believe that Colts fans are going to follow Manning wherever he goes and I believe that Lucas Oil Stadium, the "house that Peyton built" is going to be an emptier place next year and for many years to come.

Peyton, the residents of the state of Indiana love you and in our hearts you will always be our quarterback! #18 Always a Colt in our books!

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