Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Barn Building

For a couple of years, we have been discussing how we want our barn to be when it is finished and my busy husband had started it a couple of years ago, but it just never seemed to be a priority for him. However, for me, I really wanted a horse barn- not just a shelter for them, but a barn. I am finally seeing a barn in our future and in my backyard.

This may not be the prettiest of barns and the most well built barns, but it will be the design that I was hoping for minus the indoor riding arena that I really wanted. I am hoping that we can add that later. Of course and minus my apartment above the barn with glass floors looking over my horses. He thinks I have lost my mind when I tell him that I really want that. However, this barn is being built from materials that have been left over from other projects.

The barn will have three stalls and a feed/tack room. We have a tack room already in a minibarn, but I want one in this barn too. Each stall will be big enough for two horses to get into and feeding will be easier than it is now.

We are planning to add rain barrels to the outside of it and take advantage of the wet weather that we have in the spring and summer around here. The last two years have been wet so I am sure that the next one won't be as I will be planning to reuse the water. Gutters from one side of the barn will run into a rain barrel and gutters on the chicken house will run into another one.

Life on the farm is good right now as it is supposed to be almost 80 today and we are certainly enjoying this weather. I came home last night and had grilled steak for dinner and had a fire in our fire pit to sit around later. My husband can really be thoughtful - can't he?

Well, it is about time to take our neighbor to work, so I will write more later ( after I check out the progress on the barn).

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