A Grandson

 As I was looking through my posts today, I see that I have failed my readers. Many of you were aware that my other daughter was pregnant and going to deliver in July, I am sure those of you that knew are wondering why I never posted about that and I must say that life has just gotten in the way, and I thought that I had written a post. Since I know I did not, I will now!

He came when Mamaw was out of town! Can you believe that? He actually had the nerve to do something so ridiculous as to come while I was at the Pink Zebra reunion (our annual conference). I was with four of my best friends when we got the announcement that he was here! I was so happy that I was able to share that news with them before anyone else. Of course, the leaders of the company were there and anxious to hear how she was doing as well. 

Deliver went fairly smooth, but she was in labor for quite a while. I am not sure on hours, but I think about 6 hours. There were some issues with my daughter following delivery and she had to go in for emergency DNC as she was unable to deliver the placenta. However, mom and baby were fine and healthy. 

July 28, Grady Allen was welcomed into the world and was a happy and healthy baby. I am happy to say that at two months old tomorrow he is growing and full of energy. He keeps mom and dad busy and in line. He has had sleeping issues, and the doctor believes he has acid reflux that is causing a few issues when he eats, but overall, life is good with him.

Just a little info about this photo. My daughter craved tacos almost her entire pregnancy so this blanket and outfit just seemed perfect for a photo of him a few weeks ago.



  1. What a little cutie..Grandbabies are such a Blessing.. x

  2. He is adorable!! I did not know until recently that little babies can have acid reflux!! Apparently it is not uncommon! So what are they doing for it, and has it helped?

  3. What a wonderful blessing to have a healthy little grandboy. I am sorry your daughter has post-delivery issues but pray she is completely fine now. Have a wonderful rest of the week- xo Diana

  4. What a precious little "Taco". When we had our children they didn't make such cute little blankets or outfits. Get to enjoy them with our great grandchildren.
    Congratulations...many wonderful days ahead!

  5. Congratulations! What a precious little one!!! Enjoy the snuggles!

  6. Congratulations on the precious new addition and being a grandma again. Glad things are good now and he is growing into a fine little guy. Thanks for the explanation of the blanket..Love It!!

  7. What a cutie! Congratulations to you and your family.

  8. What a cute little guy! Congratulations!

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