Sunday, May 10, 2020

Celebrating Mom - Sunday Blessings # 11

Mother's Day- a day to celebrate Mom! What an honor that we have a day to celebrate the woman that gave us life. I am combining my posts today to include a tribute to my mom who I am blessed to have in my life and what a better Sunday Blessing post. 

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Many of my readers will remember that a few years ago, my mom suffered a rare medical condition that placed her in ICU for a month and then in rehab for another month. Her life hung in the balance for a long time as she was only given a 5 % chance of surviving the surgery that she desperately needed several hours before our local hospital bandaid station realized just what was truly wrong with her. The original diagnosis was pneumonia, which I questioned multiple times, but was told that they were sure that was the issue. Instead, she had ruptured her esophagus and was very septic when they realized what was wrong. 

Anyway today, she is 84 years old and going strong! She still drives on her own, went on vacation on her own last summer, cooks her own meals, and multiple other things on her own. She is quite amazing. My mom worked in retail most of her life, so I am fully aware that she was never in a position of easy work. She was married for 19 years to a man that abused her multiple times and would drink up the money she earned while she tried to raise my brother and I. Her life has not been easy and yet, she is happy and carefree most of the time. Anytime you see her, she is smiling and when asked how she is , she always comments " Mean as ever". Isn't that special? 

The first photo is when she was so very sick and the second is before her second surgery to repair her esophagus.

These are photos taken with her grandkids and great grandkids. Also, one of her opening Christmas gifts, which always include a puzzle. She can do some of the toughest in a matter of a few hours. 

Celebrating Easter last year.

Four Generations( with my mother in law in the background).

A classic picture of Mom on the farm.


  1. So special that your mother is still with you ... you have to cherish the moments with her ... I still miss my mother every day!
    I wish you and your moder a very happy Mother's day!
    Thanks for visiting!
    I link up my post from today! Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful "COME BACK" story! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Mother with us! Have a blessed Mother's Day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! She is a strong and brave woman. You are so blessed to still have her. I hope you can spend the day together.

  4. Wow! She has really gone full circle. She looks great and I am so glad she was able to recover from a successful surgery. Happy Mother's Day to you and her. xo Diana

    1. Thank you! I am amazed at how well she recovered. She was 80 when it happened, I think

  5. What fabulous pictures of a fabulous woman! Hope you had a happy Mothers's Day!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your mom for mothers day. She sounds like a truly remarkable woman.

  7. What an amazing Mom you have. this is a beautiful tribute to what she is made of.
    Thanks for sharing your precious Mom with us.

    1. Very true. Many could not have survived what she has.


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