Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Life on the Farm During Quarantine -Adding Exotics

Our state has decided to slowly reopen as it seems that suddenly everyone is concerned about working and getting back to their normal lives. I am still deeply concerned about bringing this virus home to my family and I won't allow myself to get drawn into the hurry to open and go back to whatever normal life is. My only normal will revolve around the work that the farm takes and the animals and people that are here. The cows, horses, chickens, and ducks still have to be cared for daily. My father in law still needs daily help and my mom is still here with us. My grand doll is still next door and is still one of my favorite people in the world. Not much has changed their, but life has slowed and many of you are fully aware that I needed that. 

I have done many things while in quarantine and I have greatly enjoyed it. I have read, written some of a book that I someday hope to publish, I have begun working on some pictures that needed to be in albums. I have also worked on many things that needed to be cleaned up and many things that have needed to be sorted through. I am also working to make sure that I do a deep sanitizing routine on a daily basis of our home. My husband is still working daily and so I worry that with my home health job and his job, we really need to be more sure that sanitizing is much more common than before and more detailed. I Lysol the floor each day when I steam mop and I sanitize the counters, door handles, and even the toilet seat daily. 

I have also searched for a zebra. Yes, a zebra. As in a four legged animal, with stripes. 
I have wanted one for many years and I think that I could easily put one in with my horse and once they were together for a bit, would get along fine. I love zebras and find that they are beautiful and amazing animals. I truly want to bring one to the farm. Is there an exotic animal that you would like to have?

I have also thought that a zedonk would be fun as well. They are simply a mix of two animals and might be a little calmer than just a regular donkey. My daughter would like to have a sloth, but after reading a bit about them, I am not sure that they would be a good farm pet. Do you know much about slothes?

Isn't he cute?

I am thinking that I should own an exotic zoo as many of the animals that I truly think are special are exotic. Being exotic can be special and would be such an unique aspect to the farm. I just need to convince my husband that we need to add them.

I doubt that I get to add either of these to the farm, but I would like too and I can still dream!


  1. I'm glad to hear you are all doing well! Oh gosh, I cannot get your pictures to come in!

    1. I don't see them either, but they were there when I posted this. I have no idea!

  2. I can't get your pictures to come in either...
    Interesting on the exotic animals...who knows maybe in the future this will happen.
    Ours lives here aren't a whole lot different..we putter, clean, sort, walk the neighborhood, chat with neighbors from afar, watch our church service on line and that's about the same as every day...
    Tae care and it sounds like this slowdown is perfect for you.

    1. Yes, not sure of what happened with the pictures. UGH! I despise technology at times.


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