Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday On The Farm

Another week has passed while we are still dealing with the Co-Vid 19 virus and the many changes that it has brought into our lives. As I hear unemployment numbers and the death toll that this virus has brought with it, I am deeply saddened. I worry that we will see many more spikes in unemployment as companies begin to attempt to reopen under new guidelines as to how to operate businesses and that some will find that the guidelines are just not workable. I worry that many employers will find new ways to run their businesses with fewer employees in order to cut back on expenses and the number of people in offices and other work spaces. 

What accomplishments have you made this week? I have not felt well most of the week and so I have been taking life a little easier than in the past. I have still accomplished a bit this week. Normal housework is finished and normal cooking has been done. I have also managed to keep my office space organized and I am still working on some of it. I also have managed to work my Pink Zebra business quite a bit as well. Sales have been very good lately and for that I am thankful. I am very satisfied with where I am in the company and what this company allows me to do. My husband was thrilled with my commission check this month as well. He seen a profit. LOL!

Today, I have made a trip to town to purchase some supplies, caught up on all feedback on eBay purchases, managed to text some friends, spend time with my grand doll, and actually make a really nice dinner as well. Pork roast with twice baked potatoes, green beans, rolls, and strawberry shortcakes for dessert. It is going to be a nice Friday night dinner! I do enjoy cooking when I have the time to spend making plans for it. I do not like to hurry to cook a meal. My husband says my hurry meals are better than my thought out ones, but I certainly don't feel as they are. 

I have brought all of my garden plants in as we are under a freeze warning tonight. Freeze warning in May is absolutely ridiculous! I just am amazed that we are to be that cold tonight. I certainly hope my onions that I planted yesterday are able to survive the cold. I am thankful that we have not planted our garden yet! I would be so upset. I just pray that following Mother's Day our weather improves and we begin to see some spring temperatures and plenty more sunshine. It seems as though the month of April was cold and wet and now May is following the same path. I prefer sunshine and warmer temperatures myself. 

My daughter will finally be able to go dress shopping on Monday for her wedding dress. I am so excited! I am very glad that she is able to go as she has really been stressing about it since two appointments were cancelled before now. I am hoping she finds one that she loves! I know I found one, but I am not sure that she is going to agree to the price it is. I will help all that I can with her getting it if possible! It is a beautiful dress! I can't wait to be able to share photos of her in a dress, but I guess that will be awhile since her wedding is not until May of 2021. 

Well, I better finish dinner and see where the working man is. He should be about done considering it is Friday and he knows I have a nice dinner planned. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon! Please keep us updated. It is to hover around freezing here most of the nights for the next week or so. So strange, considering global warming.

    1. Yes, this is strange weather. I hate that it is getting so cold.

  2. What a sweet tribute to your precious amazing mother Carol! To see her so sick, and on the brink of death, and to come back and continue to enjoy her life like she does, what a blessing this is! I'm blessed with an incredible mother too, and so thankful for her sacrifices. Enjoyed your post today :) Many blessings!


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