Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camping Preparations

Well, there is a lot of camping preparations going on in our household right now. We have borrowed a new horse trailer from a friend to see if we like it better than ours and so it was delivered here yesterday. He mentioned that it might need a little cleaning and how right he was.

I guess it is not really dirty, but it has been sitting all winter and it is in need of a spring clean. I will be washing down walls and counter tops as well as cleaning the floor and vacumming the bench seat covers today. I hope to mop the floor as well as it is a tile floor in the living quarters of it.

I also have to pack the food that we will be taking and I will also have to be packing clothes that we intend to wear. I normally have all our stuff as far as cooking supplies and other needed items in our trailer as we use it often in the summer. I keep a lot of ours in totes so it should be easy to move over into this one once it is cleaned.

I think that since the inside of this one is much larger than ours, it will be a better trip. We will actually have a table inside that we can use for playing games should it rain and we will also have more room to move around in. In our trailer, you can barely turn around, so this is better.

I am hoping that after this camping trip my husband will decide to either redo our trailer or he will decide to just buy this one as I believe that it is going to be for sale. I am planning to enjoy this trip , but first I must get off of here and get to work so for now, I am signing off and I hope to be back with a full fun filled weekend report next week.

Have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July! Let Freedom Ring!!
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