Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still praying for Lauren

Just an update on the Lauren Spierer case in Bloomington, Indiana. friends and family are still concerned about the whereabouts of this special young lady. She has been missing since early the morning of June 3,2011 and someone needs to come forward and tell where she is. Her family, friends, and multitudes of searchers have combed the streets, woods, and places throughout the town that she could be,but to no avail. Her mother and father are heartbroken and deserve to know where their daughter is.
Police have video surveilllance now of a vehicle that they are considering could have something to do with the case, whether the person was involved or just thought that they seen something. They announced today that they were enhancing the video in hopes that someone might recognize the car or cars.
It is sad to think that in a college town students are not safe to walk alone, but with the way the world is these days, it is not ever safe to be alone. I would recommend that any parent that has a child away at college discuss this case with the child and stress to them how important it is to always be in pairs whereever they go.
I am still praying that someone will step forward and help solve this case and I pray daily for her safe return, but as the days slowly creep by I am sure that we are dealing with more than just a young girl appearing out of nowhere. Keep praying for Lauren Spierer and her family!

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