Life on the Funny Farm

Another week has whizzed by on the farm and I really do not know where so many hours go. Although, I know that we do a lot in the time we are awake, it seems that there are just not enough hours in the day. We have gotten many things accomplished this week that really needed to be done.

The barn that we have on a friends' property really needed to be cleaned up after we moved several horses from there this week and I am proud to say that Bridget and I have managed to get one stall cleaned out. We have put lime down and we will finish working in there this next week. That was a feat all on it's own. Plus, we cleaned all of the water troughs this week as well.

Vanilla, our colt from last spring, is learning quickly that we expect certain behavior out of her and she is slowly beginning to respect us and trust us. I believe that we will be putting a blanket on her several times next week and then I will be putting a saddle on her before much longer to see how she is going to act with it. Although, she is way to little to be ridden yet, it will be fun to begin the process that will eventually lead to that.

The new colt that was born Memorial Day is growing daily and is beginning to really pay attention to his surroundings. I am anxious to get him to the other barn to begin to do some work with him as well. I doubt that we keep him, but it will still be fun to do some of the beginning training with him.

The county fair is coming up quickly and we are busy planning projects and getting animals weighed in and so forth for the shows. Bridget is showing poultry, rabbits, as well as horse and pony this year. She is also going to enter two posters for horse class and dog class and she is doing a food project in create a mix. It is going to be a busy week and I hope that she enjoys it and wins some ribbons as I know she will be proud to show off.

In youth group, she is getting ready for a trip to Kings Island. This is always an exciting trip for the kids and will be here first time there so I am sure that she will enjoy it tremendously! I am not big on roller coasters so we usually do not go places like this as a family.

The Fourth of July is bringing a camping trip for us. We will be going camping at the local state park to spend five or six days with great friends and the horses. We will be doing lots of trail riding and eating a lot of good food! Good food, good friends = good times!

As a home school family, we are always finding time to read and since we are still working on some school, we are still working on finishing our language arts program which is based on studying literature that involves horses. We are currently reading, "Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West". We are really enjoying the book and the activities that come along with it. One of her activities this week was to draw a herd of horses, which she did do although she is not an artist.

I am finishing the series of chocolate mysteries that I have been reading this summer by JoAnne Carl. I am currently reading the " Chocolate Cupid Killings" . If you enjoy chocolate and mysteries, you really should read this series of books. I have also read the story of the Duggars, a family that is featured on the Discovery Channel. With many children in one household, some people might wonder how Michele and Jim-Bob Duggar keep their sanity, but they do it quite well and seem to really understand the important of family working together.

On Sunday , we celebrated Father's Day with my husband by spending the whole day together as a family. Tomorrow (Friday) we will celebrate his birthday, which is usually not a big deal as we try not to do much for the adult birthdays. We will probably do a cookout on Saturday with my oldest daughter as she will work all day tomorrow and not be able to spend the day with her dad.

My motivation for the week has been to keep Bridget motivated and upbeat with her reading skills improving as we work on those skills each day. I am sure that she is improving and will be back on track soon. She just seems to burn out when doing school and once she takes a short break then things seem to click again.

My wish for the week is that you are all blessed with good health and riches, whether it be material or spiritual riches.


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