Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Snow Coming

Just watched the weather so I must be a glutten for punishment. With at least four or five inches of snow already on the ground and cold temperatures all around, it seems that I would not want to hear any more. I was hoping for some warmer temperatures in the near future and instead I hear of another winter storm moving in for the weekend.
Central Indiana is being forecast to have a rain snow mix on Friday night and Saturday morning and then snow on Sunday. Will the winter weather ever end this year? We are above average in our snowfall by about double. It would not be as bad if we were to have a week or two between snowstorms, but it seems that they are coming back to back. Plus, I just seen another large area of precipitation moving into the West Coast and that is sure to make its way here just as we are cleaning up for the one that is predicted for the weekend.
The horses here look beautiful when covered with a slight layer of snow, but it would be nice if it were warm enough and dry enough to go out to enjoy them just a little bit. Looking at them out of the window is just not enough, but I do not like the cold and I try not to go out anymore than I have too.
We heard last night on our local news that 49 out of the 50 states now have snow. I guess Florida is the only place right now to go to avoid the snow and I personally do not care much for Florida. I guess I will have to deal with the cold and snow and maybe spring will be here soon.
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