Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day of Honor- Martin Luther King

Today as we honor one of the most influential men in American History, I am made even more aware of the huge strides we have made in equality since MLK's famous speech. HOwever, I am well aware that the blacks in this country suffered for a great many years.
My daughter and I are studying the Civil War right now and we recently studied slavery in the United States. She asked how people thought that it was right to own another human being- that comes from a 14 year old and yet, there are still many men and women who believe that slavery should not have been abolished. Makes me wonder how some people see things so clearly and others are so naive.
Today is a good day of reflection for our history and for our country. Imagine someone telling Martin Luther King that we would have a black President in 2011, he would have been so pleased and yet, he would have never said that he was sure it would be. Yet, here we are with history being made by yet another black man _ President Barack Obama. It shows that one person and their beliefs can made a huge diffence if they get their voice out there and fight for what they believed.
One thing that I also think of is that Martin Luther King would never have gone to the violence that some resort to in order to think that thier point will be made. The shooter in Arizona, the mastermind of the Sept.11 attacks, the Oklahoma bombings all thought that violence was the answer and they might have gotten much more attention if they would have stepped forward and spoke of their beliefs and tried to change the way people looked at a subject. It is a lesson learned for all of us.
As I am listening to the news, I am finding that there seems to be plenty of talk about the Golden Globe Awards and the fashions that were worn, but not much talk about this holiday or the man behind it- maybe that shows what is most important in society today, which makes me sad! If we expose our children to more history, they would understand more as to what politics was designed for to start with and possibly know more about the people who have changed our world.
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