Thursday Jan. 6

Well, the weatherman is predicting snow to fall here today. I am thankful that it has given us a break from the crzy weather we had in December. I hope that they are wrong about snow. I would not care if it did not snow any more here this year as it seems that we have had enough.
For some reason, I feel that January makes me think of spring. I was thinking yesterday about what crops we will plant this year and how I want to do some new things to the yard in order to add some beauty to it. I am really not a flower person, but if I could plant some annuals that would just return each year that are as easy as mums, I might be willing to do more. However, I am also anxious to see the birds return to the yard. I have several bird feeders and each spring the ones outside the dining room window bring beautiful birds into our view each morning.
Today is library day at the farm. My daughter and I attend a home school class each Thursday morning and we enjoy the time as it allows us to visit with friends and allows us a few hours doing something different.
Once, we are home then it will be lunch, stack wood, and then cook dinner. I hope to work a little reading into that schedule and I would like to be able to get my three articles written for Associated Content that I try to get finished each day.
Hope you all have a great day!!
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