Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My daughter wants to go with the church on a mission field trip to Cincinnati, Ohio in a couple of weeks and the convention is called the Dare2Share. It is geared towards teens and young adults and the youth group is going. She had told me about it and said that if she could not afford to go they would get her a sponsor, so I had her ask for a sponsor as the trip was going to be over $100 and I was not sure that we could do that. Last night I found out that the church didn't find a sponsor and that she has to pay for it tomorrow night. Well, I am disappointed to say that I do not think that she is going to be able to go as I don't think that we will have the money for it.
I feel sad for her as I would have worked harder to try to get the money had she not been told that she would have a sponsor. She was really excited about the trip and wanted to go and now feels that she is less than the other kids who are going to have the opportunity to go.
For a young person to want to do something like this so badly and yet she can't, just makes me feel that I am not fulfilling my responsibility as a parent. I am working on trying to get some money, but I am not sure.
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