Tough Loss for Indianapolis Colts

Today, Indianapolis Colts fans are recovering from a heartbreaking loss to the New York Jets. Struggling with injuries all season long, Peyton Manning and the Colts seemed to have a good chance at making it to round two of the playoffs after Adam Vinatari scored with a field goal kick with about 53 seconds on the clock to give the Colts a 2 point lead. However, Mark Sanchez and the Jets would work their way into field goal range to with a remarkable pass with two seconds on the clock, giving the Jets a chance to win the game. With a field goal of 34 yards, the Jets won the game by 1 point putting an end to the season that Colts fans have seen plenty of losses in.

It has seemed that with many key players out for some or most of the season, even Manning has been off and out of sync. Manning has been plagued with several interception passes this year, which is something you rarely see from him. He has been pressured to pass the ball and it has shown with his stats this season.

Maybe with this loss behind them and time to rest, the Indianapolis Colts will come back strong in the 2011-2012 season and win a Super Bowl in Lucas Oil Stadium next year - home team, home turf could mean a certain win, but we are talking NFL and we all know that the games never turn out as they appear. Good luck to the Colts next season and for now- We are still proud of the outstanding games you have had this year and the hard work that you have done!
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