Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Busy Day

Another day is upon us and it seems to filled with plenty to do so I am sure that this will be a short post. As we are winding down our Christmas break from school, I find that it is once again time to start making lesson plans for the upcoming six weeks. Being a home school family, our lessons have to be planned ahead in order to not get too far away from the book learning by lifes ' own learning experiences.
Also, we have been given a washer and dryer by what I am calling my own personal angel for the day. As my washer has been going out and I knew that the budget didn't allow for one anytime soon, I was worried about how I could get one. Recently, talked with a stranger who is moving across country and heard of my situation and is willing to give us a set that they were intending to sell. I praise God for someone who is willing to do such a wonderful thing. It is such a blessing to my family and we will be sure to pass the blessing forward when we can. Isn't God great? Answered prayers remind me each day as to why I put my faith in Him.
Also, there are animals to be feed and writing to be done online plus there are meals to be cooked and housework to be completed. It will be a busy day but a very rewarding day. Praise God for His wonderful works!!
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