Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sad Day on the farm

Today is a sad day on our farm as I have learned that my pet pot-bellied pig Arnold passed away yesterday. I had raised him from a young pig and had only had him a couple of years, but had grown to love him very much. We aren't sure of what killed him or caused his death, but it is a sad day for me on the farm.

Arnold was named after the pig on Green Acres as that is one of my favorite shows. He had been scared of people when I first got him, but now was accustomed to my daughter and I getting in his pen with him and he had learned to allow me to hold him. He had been handfed when he was younger to allow me to be able to interact with him at the time.

Today is my memorial to Arnold and I hope to add a photo of him to this blog today.
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