Friday, January 14, 2011

Early Morning Thoughts

As I sit here this morning enjoying my tea and thinking about the day ahead, I realize just how important my quiet time is to me. It seems that the day begins with hustle and bustle as I attempt to get things prepared for meals, teach my daughter, aid my husband in chores around here, clean the house, and try to find time to write online which is currently my job. From the time it starts till the end of the day, it is hard to find time to sit and just think.
We are dealing with a situation right now with a friend being wrongly accused of animal cruelty and it seems to be taking a lot of our time. He is a wonderful horseman and is currently fighting charges that the county brought on him several years ago and is winning and now they have charged him with 9 new counts. He is an middle aged man who has dealt with horses all of his life and he is not in the best of health, but he makes do and he lives for horses. No one should have the right to take that away from him.
I know nothing about the case in the past, but on this case I know they are wrong. They have said that he was not feeding the horses or caring for them and that is a lie! We were taking him to feed at least every other day and they had plenty of hay and access to a creek to drink from. Most days he was feeding 50 pounds of feed a day plus the hay plus they were in a field where they could get some foliage. Shelter might have been an issue, but horses are designed to stay outside and their bodies are designed to adjust to the cold. Maybe we need to put shelters in the western United States where wild horses roam free so that they can get out of the cold. What a thought?
Congress woman Gabby Giffords seems to be improving much faster than I imagined that she would as they say she is communicating with her hands and that she has opened her eyes and moved her arms and legs. What a blessing that is for her family! Whatever drives this woman to survive this horrible attack, I am thankful that she has the strong will to overcome such a life threatening injury. Praise God!!!
Until tomorrow, thanks for reading and remember to be thankful for the quiet moments in your day!
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