Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Day

Waking up this morning to a white blanket of newly fallen snow, I realize that it is once again Mother Nature exerting her power over the country. It seems that the weather has gone completely overboard everywhere. Places like Atlanta, Georgia are seeing snow a few times this year which is not a normal situation.
There are winter weather advisories all over the country and snow falling it seems in most of North America. There were over 2000 flights cancelled or delayed yesterday and I am sure that many will follow today with the Midwest being under a weather advisory with the potential for 3-6 inches in most of this area. Omaha, Nebraska was blanketed with snow overnight and now snow is falling in the Ohio River Valley area.
The snow hitting the midwest and the snow hitting the southeast will combine later today to deliver a serious amount of snow into the northeastern United States over the next couple of days with places like New York City possibly getting 12-14 inches of snow and other places forecasted to get 1-3 feet of snow. That is a large, heavy blanket of winter that will be hard to dig out from under and could cause even more serious delays in travel.
For anyone who has to travel, be prepared as I am sure that you will be delayed at some point of your trip. For those of you who do not have to travel, stay inside. Today seems to be a good day for a cup of hot chocolate and snuggled up under a blanket with a good book.
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