Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Woke Up By a Ringing Phone

Well, my morning started out completely different today than I had expected. Knowing that there is yet another winter storm headed our way, I had planned to make a quick trip to the store today as well as to make a stop at the post office to change my brother's address and make a stop at the library so that books would not be late. Plus, we needed to get wood stacked onto the porch so we don't have to trod through the snow in order to bring it in tomorrow. However, a ringing phone changed my entire day.
My oldest daughter works in a restaurant and at 6:45 this morning to ask me to come to work as no one showed up in either the kitchen or the dishroom. Well, I am not an employee there, but I can always use the extra money so I told her that I would be there shortly. I hurried to get ready and to line things out at home as my youngest daughter goes to youth group on Wednesday nights with a friend and they pick her up around 1:30 p.m. and I needed to make sure that her school work was ready for her as I home school and I usually do lessons with her.
Finally, I made my plans for the day at home and headed out the door. I arrived at the restaurant to find that I would be in the dish room, which I didn't mind. It was an interesting day as I learned my way around the dish room and kitchen on a day that I intended to be at the store and library.
After working about 7 hours, I left there and went to do the errands that I had intended to do before that ringing phone. It is amazing how such a small device can change the course of the whole day. It is also amazing that I managed to accomplish everything that was on my to do list and still go do someone else's job.
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