Monday, January 10, 2011

Beginning the Week

I am beginning the week on an organized note and hopefully, I can keep things going in that direction. I am hoping that this year is one that will allow me to be even more organized than I have been and that will start with organizing my own stuff before I try to do the whole house. I rearranged the kitchen some yesterday and I am hoping that it makes a difference.

We are starting home school back today after a long break for the holiday season. I made lesson plans out a week ago or so and we are going to stay on track as much as we can. I believe that we allow life to interfere some times with things that we know we need to do. Of course, I am changing our schedule around today as we were to do a field trip on Wednesday, but we are predicted to get more snow tonight and tomorrow, so I will do the field trip today and do the work on Wednesday that I intended to do today. That is the beautiful thing about home schooling, we can make adjustments and work around things that come up as long as we continue to do the school work each day.

I have our menu planned for this week and have started next week's. I feel that it makes life easier on me if I am a little ahead on planning what I will cook. Then I can make sure that I have meat laid out and I do not have to make plans that day and try to decide. I also have the menu worked around the plans that I have for the day and if it is a busy day, the crock pot comes out and we use it. I find that in the winter time I use it much more than I do any other times.

Please pray for the families of the Arizona shooting victims. This is such a tragedy and the young man who made the decision to carry that gun and shoot those people had a family that is grieving just as much as the other families. I realize that he must have had some major problems and I know that he had a family who loved him also. It is such a shame that young people feel that guns are the answer to so many problems. Politically, we are a country with some serious problems, but we still live in a free country and a land of wealth available. Our leaders have a lot of work ahead of them and we should stand behind them even if we know they are wrong. After all, to err is human and they are human!
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