Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Farm Report

It has been a couple of weeks since I have written this regular report, but with the cold and the ice that we have been having there just hasn't been a lot going on. The weather has finally broke and it has been nice here the past few days, except for the mud! It seems that everywhere is mud and the soft mud that allows you to sink.
Both my husband and I have had a mud experience this week that ended up with so not terrific results and I feel that I need to share them. First, I drive a rear-wheel drive car, which is not good on any kind of wet, snow-covered, icy road or in the mud. I really need a 4 wheel drive before next winter if I intend to remain in the country as we live on a non-maintained county road which can be snow covered or ice covered for many days until the weather breaks and it melts. Anyway, this week I went to the barn (about 3 miles away where we keep some of our horses) and fed for the first time in awhile as my husband usually does the feeding in the winter there. As I returned home, I was pulling into our drive and tried to miss a rut in the mud and the back of the car hit some mud and I started to slide and slid into a ditch where I was now officially stuck! Stuck in the mud with tennis shoes on - UGH!! My husband was home luckily and got me out.
Yesterday, he decided that he could use this little machine ( almost a backhoe- trencher combination) to move a round bale of hay into the pasture here at home and as he began moving it he made some marks in my backyard and down to the pasture gate. After getting the bale into the feeder, he attempted to climb a small hill to get back out of the field and realized that he was stuck. Getting a friend to help him get it out involved bringing the 4 wheel drive truck that my husband owns into my back yard , which lead to horrible ruts in my yard as the wheels and truck were attempting to sink into the mud and being that the truck needed to pull the other machine out there was some spinning involved which I must say destroyed all the yard around it. The entire back of my house now looks as though we live in a mud pit designed for a mud bog. All this mess during my usual Thursday outing to the library. UGH!!
We are still operating a flea market booth where we sell horse tack and miscellaneous items so we went to an auction last night and I must say that I did not find a lot of good finds, but I did find a few things . I love sales and I love auctions, but I also always set a limit on my spending and I stick with it. I did buy a couple of box lots for the flea market booth for a dollar or two a piece, but my best find was a Keurig coffeemaker and a Choco-latte machine for $4.00 each. I was concerned that they might not work, but upon returning home, they both work perfectly and I believe that they are possibly both brand new. I was thrilled!
My husband bought two new chickens for $7.00. I do not know what they are, but they are rare he said and Bridget will use them for 4-H this year as well. All in all, we done quite well with our purchases and we have some new merchandise for the flea markets as well as some new items for the house.
Well, school is needing to be done, laundry is in, and the house is screaming to be cleaned from the mud and mess we have made this week so I better get off of here and begin to do something that is on the long list of household chores for the day. Until next week, have a great week and ya'll come back now!
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