Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Storm

Well, another winter storm has hit central Indiana and this one maybe the worst that we have seen this year. Many parts of central Indiana are under travel advisories are being issued and even one county, Shelby, has issued a travel emergency. Travel conditions are hazardous and are not expected to get better for a few days as they weather is to worsen throughout the day.

It seems that much of the state is under a layer of ice and that effects travel and the power throughout the state. Many power outages are being reported this morning and news casters are saying that we could see greater outages and that some electric customers could be without power for several days. Making preparations for that kind of an outage can be difficult.

Weather is a big concern when colleges and universities are cancelling classes and the many central Indiana government agencies are closing as well. A funeral procession for a fallen officer, David Moore, has also been cancelled today due to the weather conditions being too dangerous for the people who would be lined along the processional route.

Travel delays could be a major issue over the next few days as the ice and snow continues for a couple of days here. Many airlines will be seeing delays and even cancellations as air travel is not safe in this kind of ice. There are likely to be many snow emergencies issued as well and interstate travel is hazardous and accidents are closing area interstates as well.

Northern Indiana could be reeling from blizzard type conditions later today and with 1/2 inch of ice in central Indiana and with a prediction of up to a foot of snow in northern Indiana, the entire state could see a state of emergency later today and tomorrow.

Some southern parts of Indiana could be lucky enough that the temperatures will get above freezing and that would allow the ice to accumulate lesser amounts of precipitation. This would be a great help to the many road crews who are out trying to keep the road travel as safe as possible. Wind is going to be an issue tomorrow and with power lines having a coating of ice when the winds start, the conditions could worsen quickly. Be aware if you happen to travel through Indiana in the next couple of days.
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