Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

Well, the big game is over and although the weather wreaked havoc on the state of Texas earlier in the week, the game proceed and the Green Bay Packers hold the football title, Super Bowl Champions. Now we look forward to Indianapolis hosting this fabulous event and we will wait to see how the Colts home state handles the weather and the preparations that go into such a big event.

Onto other things, the weather forecast is beginning to improve maybe for us. It seems that the next few days will be extremely cold with highs in the teens, but I see forecasts that are showing that it could be 42 degrees by Sunday. That will be a tropical heatwave compared to what the weather has been.

My daughter made it home safely from the youth convention, Dare 2 Share, in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. The group ended up staying an extra night so that they could travel home safely. I am thankful for adult chaperones who realize that traveling in snow after dark is not the wisest thing to do with a group of young people to care for. It seems as though God truly worked miracles in these young peoples lives and made some major impacts for some of them during this event. Even the adults who attended with them said that it was just a miracle to see so many young people worshipping God and being touched by Him.

Life on the farm will hopefully slow up a little this week. Bridget and I will be studying birds in science this week. She will be watching birds daily as well as reading about them, learning how to identify them and she will end the week by making two bird feeders to put in the yard to hopefully, draw more birds into the yard. As we live in a wooded area, we tend to see several birds anyway and we keep several birdfeeders here anyway. I personally enjoy the woodpeckers that we see in the spring the most.

I will share more as the week goes on. For now, laundry needs to be done, menu for the week needs finished and we need to do some school for the day. Once all of that is done, I need to do some online writing for Associated Content so that I can keep some spending money rolling in. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. I'm so glad your daughter made it home safely...and even more, I'm glad the conference brought refreshment and growth!

    When you wrote about studying birds in science, I thought of a book I enjoyed that might be interesting for you. Have you heard of David Kline? He is an Amish farmer, and I can't remember if he's in Ohio or Indiana or what...somewhere out there. :) Anyway, he writes wonderfully about birds and other aspects of nature. One of his books is called Scratching the Woodchuck, and the other is Great Possessions. He might have a few others, but those are the ones I've read. When my boys are older, I want to go through those books with them.

    Have a great week! :)


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