Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exotic Animals Loose In Ohio

About 50 exotic animals were apparently turned loose last night in rural Eastern Ohio by their owner who subsequently shot himself. Owner, Terry Thompson, was found dead in his home and the animal cages were opened and fences around the property left open for these animals to roam free.

Unfortunately, officials are saying that about 30-35 of these animals have been killed due to their danger to the public. It seems so unfair to these animals after being held in cages by this gentleman that they are suffering for doing nothing wrong except roaming as their natural instinct guides them to do.

Yes, I realize that lions, tigers, grizzly bears, and black bears are a risk to the public, but I also think that there could be ways to subdue these animals other than killing them and relocating them to zoos or other nature preserves to be cared for. I am not sure of how long these animals have been in the possession of this gentleman, but they are scared and unsure of what is happening.

Residents and travelers are being advised to stay in their homes and cars and not to approach these animals if they happen to see them. These are adults animals and are dangerous! Anyone who sees one of these should call 9-1-1 immediately!

Zoo officials have joined the search for these animals and hopefully, some of these can be tranquilized and saved. Officials need to also consider looking at the laws that are in place across the United States for individuals who want to own these types of animals. I am not against someone having these kinds of animals, but there needs to be some kind of monoriting of the conditions and care that the animals are in and are receiving.

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