Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beginning to look like Christmas

Well, it's beginning to look like Christmas on the farm here. The lights, tree, and snowmen decorations are up. With a touch of snow a week ago, it made it seem more like Christmas instead of the 60 degree temperatures that we had been having.

My daughter and I attended a workshop at the local library last week to make ornaments and handmade cards, which we really enjoyed! We have decided that next year all of our cards will be handmade. If you don't currently go to your local library, I would suggest that you go and take advantage of all the programs and interesting things that they offer. We really enjoy the programs that ours offer.

Homeschooling always seems to lack during the month of December due to the business of the month, but so far we are on track well. I have planned more fun lessons and things that do not take as much time. Today we made paper snowflakes, looked at what happened today in history, took an evaluation test for math and word building, wrote our Christmas list, studied some division, and read a book that we are attempting to finish. We also have a December calendar of activities that only take a few minutes to do and today was to calculate how much your full name was worth by using a 27 cents for each consonant and 53 cents for each vowel. It made for interesting math and a quick language arts review.

It seems that the kitchen will be a busy place tomorrow and the next day as I plan to do some holiday baking and I have apples that need to be made into apple butter. I may freeze them and use the applesauce that I have. Plus, I have blackberries that need to be made into a pie for my husband. I know that one day soon the family will be asking for sugar cookies so I guess I should do them too.

I wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and I hope that your preparations are going well. Try to remember as you are busy planning for that spectacular Christmas morning, to relax and enjoy the wonder of the lit tree, the sparkle in a child's eye when they see a decoration, the wonder you felt as a child on Christmas morning and the real reason that we celebrate!

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