Monday, July 25, 2011

Ready For Week to Begin

As the fair has wound down and is now over, we are rested and ready for a new week of activities to begin. Bridget done well in her first year of 4-H and I am proud of the young lady that she was during all of the competitions, even when showing in temperatures over 100 degrees with a heat index of 120.
She won 6th place in her sloppy showmanship competition and she won a hoof pick for that class. For the week, she ended up with 1 blue ribbon, 4 red ribbons, 2 white ribbons and the hoof pick as well as many new friends and a lot of experience. She also ended the week with many hours of fun behind her and many learning experiences.
It was fun but hot! With Indiana seeing some of the hottest weather in several years, we were troopers for being in the heat and humidity all day long. However, it was time to sit and enjoy time together and I actually miss going each day. We worked on our tans or burns, whichever the case might be. We met new people and learned a lot about showing that we didn't know. Overall, it was an exciting week! I am glad it is over, but already looking forward to next year!
Now, it is time to begin to get curriculum and lesson plans ready for the fall and the new school year. I am excited about her learning this year as she has progressed so much over the summer in her reading. Her math skills have also improved this year and I am finally seeing much needed progress in her skills! She has worked hard and continues to strive to improve each day.
It is also time for appointments. We all have eye doctor appointments this week and we are in the process of getting physicals and dental checkups as well. I am sure that at least a couple of us are going to need glasses.
I hope to include more recipes and lesson ideas for the next few weeks so keep stopping by and learning new things about our lives!

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