Thursday, February 2, 2023

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It's Groundhog's Day and that darn groundhog seen his shadow which legend says means 6 more weeks of bad weather. UGH! I am ready for the cold to leave us and some sunshine and warmer temperatures to be here. I will say that I am thankful not to be in Texas and the other states that are having so much ice. I guess the cold is not so bad. Looking at things from a different perspective makes the cold a little more bearable. 

Many of you know that I am an independent executive consultant with Pink Zebra. Pink Zebra is a home fragrance and décor company that specializes in non toxic wax that is blendable in order to allow the customer to create their own scent. We have introduced our spring and summer catalog and I am excited to announce that I think the scents are some of our best in the 8 years that I have been with the company. 

Florals are always a hit in summer as well as beach scents and we have managed to capture some of the best in this catalog. Pink Peony, Beach Walk, Tiki Beach, and Sangria Sunset are some of my favorites. We do have lots of clean fragrances as well. Our Air Care + line has expanded, which gives you the option to have some scent along with being an odor neutralizer. The Floral Delight Air Care + is a really nice light floral scent that I think belongs in every home. 

Here is a list of the scents that we have available. 

You purchase either in a 3.75 ounce bag or a 16 ounce carton. The carton is a better deal as you are basically getting a bag free. Who doesn't love free?

Here is a flyer that tells more about what Sprinkles are. The reason that we do Sprinkles instead of bars or  cubes is because you are able to control the scent better and it makes them blendable. Become a mixologist when you purchase two scents that blend nicely together. 

An example of a mix

How do you warm them, you ask? We have a fabulous selection of Simmer Pots available. 
Nice for any home in about any room. 

Great for a kids room

Even good for a nursery, play room, or a child's bedroom. Even little boys like these. 

More for the fun side of life. 

Our Simmer Pots only allow the wax to heat to body temperature and that makes them safer to use in children's rooms. Will our wax work in other warmers? Of course, we only recommend ours for maximum performance of our Sprinkles. 

We have Simmering Lights available as well. They work the same as our Simmer Pots, other than they have a light with them. 
Here is the correct way to use our lights. As you can see, very simple. We have several lights to choose from as well. Each one brings a distinctive look to your home. One of fashion and unique to your personality, but fragrances your home so that anyone that walks in will smell the wonderful aroma coming from it. 

Patterned or Plain is simply your call. 

There are many more items in our catalog, but I think I have shown enough for now. Check out our diffusers and our scented Go Cards that you can place in your car as well. My mechanic loves for me to bring my car in with one of our many fragrances in it. 

You can find all of these items and more at my website. Any one from here that orders and let's me know that they by email to, I will send a free gift too. I can verify all orders once they are placed. I appreciate each of you taking time to read this and to those that order, thank you for supporting my small business!!!


  1. Those simmer pots are really pretty!

  2. This makes me wish I had a sense of smell, Carol. I lost it several years ago following a truck that was leaking chemicals and it came in through my air conditioner in the car. I didn't realize for several days that I had lost my sense of smell. That's why I make sure I use extra deodorant every day just in

    Thanks for visiting my blog today and I am glad I gave you a smile! o Diana


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