Monday, February 6, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday _ Feb. 6, 2023

 Can you believe it is the first Monday of February all ready? Where does time go these days? I am so busy today that I am going to be up late just to finish the basics of the day. I've already been to the grocery for my father in law, made lunch for husband and co worker, called about a prescription, called a dentist office, and several chores for my Pink Zebra business. I have got dinner on the stove cooking and I will head to pick my granddaughter up soon. 

I am taking her to an American Heritage Girls meeting tonight to see if it is something she is interested in. Has anyone participated in that group? She attends a private Christian school so I felt that it might be something she would enjoy. She needs to be with other kids as there really is not any girls near us or even kids that are her age. 

Happy Homemaker Monday is a party that many bloggers take part in and you can read more about it at Sandra's blog. She also has a group of us that are attempting to blog 365 days this year and so this post will cover both of those groups today. 

** The Weather**
It is very sunny out today, but the temperatures sure don't seem to go with the sun. It has warmed to the middle 40's, I think. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow, but chances of rain increase daily as the temperatures do and then snow possible Friday and Saturday. UGH!!

** As I Look Out My Window**
I see the sun and a pretty cardinal, but I also see the wind blowing quite a bit. I can see the play area for the grands and wish that it was just a bit warmer in order for them to be outside. 

** Right Now I Am**
Rushing to get this written so that I can head to the school to pick up my doll. She is not aware that I am coming so it will be a huge surprise for her. We are going to come back to my house and hopefully do her bath and homework before she goes to the meeting tonight. This week I plan to have her here often as she enjoys being here.

** Thinking**
I have a lot on my mind and I can't share it all with you. I am busy planning how I will get everything accomplished today, but I know God will make a way. I need God to work in a huge way right now and I have several things that I need answers with. Nothing serious, but some issues that are just too big for me. 

** On My TV**
Nothing at the moment, but I will be watching the episode of Fire Country that I missed last week. I have it on the DVR. I am reading and doing more crafts now than watching TV.

** Listening To**
I am learning to listen to more podcasts and I will listen to my Thankful Homemaker one on the way to the school. I find that the car is the best place for me to enjoy these as it is usually uninterrupted. I enjoy Pod Of Tea too. Made in Hollywood with William Leon and Mark Marchillo is another one that I catch often as it is my daughter's cousin that does it. 

** On The Lunch & Dinner Plate**
For lunch, it was corn dog in the air fryer and mac and cheese. For dinner, it will be a bowl of beans and cornbread. Things are easy today due to the busy day that I have. 

** On The Menu**
Monday - Beans and Cornbread
Tuesday  - Pork Roast, Carrots, and Potatoes
Wednesday - ??
Thursday -
 A new chicken teriyaki recipe that my husband found. 
Friday - ?

** On My Reading Pile**
I am thrilled to say that I am reading The Chocolate Falcon Fraud book by JoAnna Carl. I am on page 65 and will read more later. I enjoy this series and it won't take long to finish it. I will move onto another book that I got at the library after that.

** On My To Do List**
There are so many things that I would break the computer if I were to type them all out. I have a planner page completely full of things to do today. 

** Crafting**

I want to finish this tonight. I only have the top two flowers left on the left side and it will be done. I plan to sell this one. If anyone here is interested, let me know. If not, it will be listed elsewhere this week. My husband thinks that I need to do more of these as many people have asked about them. 

**Looking Around**
I see a lot of work that needs to be done. There is laundry that needs washed today, a floor that needs swept and mopped, vacuuming that will need done, tea that needs made. The thoughts of all of it are enough to wear me out. I don't know why things are so hard today. OH it's Monday!

My daughter and her precious baby - a healthy pregnancy
My grandkids as they may be making some huge changes this week
My granddoll as she is having speech issues. 

*** Bible Verse***


  1. Hoping all turns out what you want - have a great week

  2. That's a good idea to listen to the podcasts in the car. I tried a few but found my mind tended to wander. Maybe I'd listen better in the car. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Sounds like you are a busy, busy gal. I love your responses to the prompts. It is always fun to see what someone else is doing and how they feel about things. Have a wonderful Tuesday- xo Diana

  4. A busy week ahead. I hope you achieve everything you set out to do.
    Have a blessed week!
    The crystal painting is especially beautiful!


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