A Colebridge Quilted Christmas Review

 Here is the review that I placed on Good Reads for this book. Many of you are aware that it took me several months to read this and that I was not impressed with the book. My rating for it is 1 star out of 5.

*As a new reader of both the series and the author, I must say that I found this book to not be an enjoyable read. 

A Colebridge Quilted Christmas is book 7 of this series of this quaint little town. I was not aware of that when I began reading it. The book is a stand alone book, but speaks of the characters that has been in the previous books. The town sounds like a nice place to visit that might be full of tourists at Christmas time to visit the Mistletoe Market, but the excitement for the town even begins to sway following the long and uninteresting story that follows. 

I found the main character, Anne has lost her husband in a previous book and is now a single mom that works a floral shop as well as controls a property investment that her husband made. She says her employees are like family, but it seems as though she uses them for many more tasks that what employees would actually be expected to do. 

This book suggests the beginning of a romance with the new Reverend Jack Fletcher, but just as the story moves along slowly so does this hint of romance. In the end, she really doesn't say whether she will ever be with Jack or not. She speaks of not being sure she needs to move on. 

The entire book is a mundane series of the daily life of Anne, her employees, and the Reverend with a few other characters thrown in. There really is nothing that happens in the entire book to make me think that I would ever read another book in the series or by this author.*


  1. Oh no, always such a bummer when a book turns out to be a dud. Also, hard to start a series at the end (I find even the ones that are supposed to be read as stand alone books usually need the context of the previous ones). Impressed that you stuck with it, sounds like a book I would have simply decided not to finish. Hope your next read is much better!

    1. I almost put it in the discard pile many times, but I was hoping it got better at some point

  2. P.S. You were dedicated to finish it!


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